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Audit of post-acute stroke service commissioning - Maps

These maps show the results for both phase 1 and 2 of the SSNAP Post-acute Organisational Audit. The map for Phase 2, the audit of post-acute stroke service providers, provides visualisation of post-acute stroke service location at a national and regional level and includes both participating and non-participating services along with details on what types of service they deliver as of 1 April 2015. The Phase 1 map presents the results for all participating commissioners in England and Northern Ireland and Local Health Boards in Wales. The results reflect post-acute stroke service commissioning as of 1 December 2014 and can be used to review total number and type of services commissioned by each commissioning organisation. 

Phase 1 - Audit of post-acute stroke service commissioning

Phase 2 - Audit of post-acute stroke
service providers

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