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SSNAP Clinical Dataset and Reporting Changes

From 1 July 2021, SSNAP introduced new questions to the clinical proforma in order to keep up with changes to practice published in the NICE national guidelines and the measures associated with the NHSE long term plan.

New questions in the proforma

Section 2

  • Dementia as a co-morbidity
  • Brain imaging modality
  • Additional thrombectomy questions

Section 3

  • Ability to record patient consent within 72 hours

Section 4

  • Rehab assistant minutes (all teams)
  • Teletherapy minutes, nursing care and mood and cognition screening (community teams only)
Section 7
  • Covid status
  • Ability to record patient consent by discharge
Section 8
  • Return to work questions after discharge
  • EQ5D-5L


Ability for post-acute providers to start a record for patients who do not have a previous acute record.


New outputs in the reports

In addition to the dataset changes, a series of reporting changes are being implemented over the next year.

October-December 2020

  • ISDN portfolios for each of the 20 ISDNs in England, with data from all teams as well as an ISDN summary column. Find these by going to: Results > Clinical audit > Regional – ISDN and choosing your ISDN.
  • Ethnicity reported at national and ISDN level. Found in the Casemix tab (item references: F3.6-F3.18).
  • Compliance against 7-day therapy targets. Found in the Post-72 hour tabs (item references: J3.1-J5.24 & K34.1-K36.24).

January-March 2021

  • Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) at national and ISDN level for England. Found in the Casemix tab (item references: F13.1-F13.21)

July-September 2021

  • First reporting of additions to clinical dataset
  • Caseload and relevant care measures on patients arising in community (data from the new post-acute feature)

Future reports

  • Days at home for the first 4 months from admission
  • COVID status from Hospital Episode Statistics


In order for SSNAP users to familiarise themselves with the upcoming changes, a number of useful resources have been produced:

  • New FAQs and Guidance in our Help Area
  • Check the Slideshow used during our webinars
  • Watch a Recording of our online sessions
  • Read the Q&A from our webinars
  • Proformas are available to view here depending on your team type: full proforma, community, thrombectomy, 6m assessment, and Northern Ireland. New questions are highlighted in pink.
  • Access the new helpnotes which provide detailed information on each new question. New questions are highlighted in pink.

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