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The RCP website has more information on all of the work that we do. 

You can download the results from the SSNAP Acute Organisational Audit, SINAP and Sentinel.

Welcome to SSNAP

The single source of stroke data

The Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) is the single source of stroke data in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are three main components of SSNAP, the clinical audit, acute organisational audit, and post-acute organisational audit each of which are outlined further down this page.

Latest News

Royal College of Physicians Stroke Conference 2017 - 27 March 2017

22 March 2017

This 1-day conference will provide a useful update on the management of stroke, covering the measurement of the quality of services and how stroke services are best organised, together with essential updates on clinical management in acute stroke, secondary prevention and longer term sequelae.


Latest SSNAP results now publically available

3 March 2017

The latest SSNAP results, which cover the August - November 2016 reporting period, have been made public. Significant progress has been made by participating hospitals in recent years and this has been reflected in improving SSNAP scores during this time. The below maps show inpatient SSNAP scores in October - December 2014 compared to results from this latest reporting period. It is clear at a glance that there are far more high scoring teams (green = A, the highest band) and fewer low scoring teams (red = E, the lowest band). Please go to the Results tab to access the latest data on stroke care.

          Oct-Dec-(1).jpg                                  Aug-Nov-(2).jpg

What's new in the 2016 National Clinical Guideline for Stroke?

24 January 2017

You can now watch presentations on the new National Clinical Guideline for Stroke from the 2016 UK Stroke Forum. The talks are by the three editors of the guideline, Dr Martin James, Professor Audrey Bowen and Dr Gavin Young, and have a focus on "What's new?". You can watch the talks and download the accompanying slides here or in the link below.


Click here to watch the presentations

Profession Specific Concise Guides for Stroke 2016

1 November 2016

New profession-specific concise guides can be downloaded in the new guidelines are of the webtool.
You can download these here

Public Health England Cardiovascular Masterclasses

A series of free to attend regional masterclasses are being delivered by Public Health England (PHE) through the National Cardiovascular Health Intelligence Network (NCVIN). These half day events aim to increase understanding of the knowledge and evidence available across the cardiovascular family of diseases, including stroke.

The SSNAP team will be present and this is an opportunity for all those who use SSNAP or feel that they would like to know more about SSNAP to discuss issues and ask questions, including clinicians, commissioners and those who enter SSNAP data. 70 minutes of these sessions have been set aside to focus on SSNAP and how you can use it to improve patient care in your area. If you want to improve the way you use SSNAP locally and increase your knowledge of newer areas of SSNAP such as the Health Economics tools, attendance is highly recommended. Please find a list of upcoming PHE Masterclass events below. The next masterclass will be held in Manchester on 2 February. Registration is available here: www.phe-events.org.uk/ncvinmasterclass and is highly recommended for those in the area who wish to improve their understanding of SSNAP.

Thursday 23 March 2017 – Oxford


SSNAP will be attending the Northern Ireland Stroke Conference 2017 at Crowne Plaza, Shaws Bridge, Belfast on Tuesday 13 June. Registration details are available here.

Deadline for abstract submissions: 5pm Monday 3 April 2017

Royal College of Physicians Stroke Conference 2017 - 27 March 2017

This 1-day conference will provide a useful update on the management of stroke, covering the measurement of the quality of services and how stroke services are best organised, together with essential updates on clinical management in acute stroke, secondary prevention and longer term sequelae. https://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/events/update-management-stroke

Inter-professional Stroke Training Day 20 March 2017 

Guy's Hospital are hosting a free, one-day, blended, multi-modal, inter-professional stroke training programme which will provide state-of-the-art lectures and interactive workshops for multi-disciplinary health-care professionals involved in the care of those affected by stroke across both the acute and community sectors. 

Doctors, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, pharmacists and volunteer workers are encouraged to attend to improve confidence, competence, knowledge, skills and behaviour in various aspects of stroke care in a multidisciplinary setting. 

To register, please visit 

Clinical Audit

The clinical audit collects a minimum dataset for stroke patients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in every acute hospital, and follows the pathway through recovery, rehabilitation, and outcomes at the point of 6 month assessment.

All SSNAP reports are available to download from our SSNAP results portal. You can view the outputs for each reporting period, including our annual reports. See the table below for when you will be able to view future reports.

Reporting period Results made public
August - November 2016 March 2017
December - March 2017 July 2017
April - July 2017 November 2017

The clinical audit produces an array of reporting outputs each reporting period. Included in SSNAP’s reporting suite are colour coded performance tables which give a high level summary of hospitals’ performance across 10 key aspects of stroke care, an overall SSNAP score is also given. The summary results portfolio gives a more detailed analysis of every hospitals' performance across each key indicator of care measured by SSNAP. The full results portfolio enables users to further ‘drill down’ into the data. Interactive maps enable users to access results for any aspect of stroke care or any particular hospital or geographical region at the click of a button. A public report is produced which includes contextualising clinical commentary at national level. Easy Access Version reports are also produced each reporting period which are written specifically for stroke survivors and their carers.

All SSNAP reports can be accessed via the national results area. For those interested in a specific region results can also be viewed by region. The regional results area also contains PowerPoint slidedecks showing performance for hospitals for each of the 12 English regions, Wales and Northern Ireland and additionally a regionalised version of our Easy Access Version reports.    

SSNAP is the agreed source of data for the stroke measures within the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Outcomes Indicators Set (CCG OIS) and reports against these measures for the population of each CCG in England and Local Health Boards in Wales.  

Acute Organisational Audit

The acute organisational audit provides a biennial ‘snap-shot’ of the quality of stroke service organisation in acute settings. The last three rounds of this audit (2012, 2014 and 2016) have achieved 100% participation; with the full results for the 2014 audit available to view here. Data collection for the 2016 audit completed in July 2016 with results being made available to participating sites in September 2016 and publically available this November. Reporting outputs for the acute organisational audit present every data item benchmarked against the national average and include national and hospital-level findings on many important aspects of stroke service organisation including staffing levels, acute care processes, TIA (mini stroke) services, access to specialist support and communication with patients and carers.


To register for an account please click on the ‘Registration’ tab above and follow the instructions. If you are registering as a clinical user on SSNAP and the specific team or trust you are registering for is not listed please contact the SSNAP helpdesk. Post-acute services that are new to SSNAP can find a new team registration form and resources to aid getting started in the Support tab.

Need help?

Email: ssnap@rcplondon.ac.uk
Telephone : 020 3075 1318 or 020 3075 1383