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In this section of the SSNAP webtool you will find a variety of bespoke reporting outputs created specifically for the Acute Organisational Audit which is carried out by SSNAP biennially. It presents results from the last three rounds of the SSNAP Acute Organisational Audit - 2012, 2014 and 2016. All national, regional and site specific reporting outputs are available to download from the relevant area of this results section. These include detailed national reports, full results portfolios which present named site results for every data item of the audit and Easy Access Version (EAV) reports produced to allow stroke survivors and their families to easily interpret the results and the organisational of acute stroke services available to them. Generic slidedecks are also available to enable acute stroke service clinicians and managers to present and discuss their results easily. 

Organisational National

This section is where you will find the national level results for all participating sites. It includes all national reporting outputs, including the full results portfolio which provides named site results for every data item of the acute organisational audit.

Organisational Regional

The outputs included in this section are regional versions of the EAV report, Full Results Portfolio, Summary Spreadsheet and Performance tables. Additionally, a regional summary report showing results specific to each Strategic Clinical Network (SCN), using maps to provide visualisation of participating sites located within that region and the score and band assigned to them based on the data they submitted. These results are all publically available. 2016 acute organisational results will not be regionalised but all national reporting outputs can be broken down by region if required. 

Organisational Sites

Site specific versions of national reports are available within this section. Individual executive summary reports produced to provide Trust CEOs with the headline results for each of their participating hospital are also located here.

Organisational Maps

Interactive maps, showing overall, domain and individual key indicator results for each participating site in the 2014 acute organisational audit are available here. These maps enable benchmarking of performance at national, regional and site level, with colour coding assigned to the domain maps to show site level banding (A-E) at overall or domain level.

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