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New SSNAP users

This is the support area for new users of SSNAP, here you can access support and resources to help you get started.

If you already have a SSNAP account then please log-in to access the full range of support and resources including; audit FAQs, help notes, user guides and DIY analysis tools. If you have any queries the SSNAP helpdesk will be happy to assist. 

Clinical audit: New team registration

Complete this form to register a new team on the SSNAP webtool.

How to register for the webtool

A step by step guide on how to register for the SSNAP webtool

Current stroke datasets

The latest versions of the core and comprehensive stroke datasets

Stroke dataset helpnotes

Helpnotes for users entering SSNAP data

ESD and CRT dataset

A version of the stroke dataset tailored for ESD and CRT teams

ESD and CRT help notes

Supplementary helpnotes created specifically for community teams to guide data entry on SSNAP

SSNAP methodology

Overview on the methods of data collection, submission, and analysis on SSNAP

SSNAP domains and key indicators

An easy to follow breakdown of SSNAP's 10 domains and 44 key indicators

Why outcome data is important

A flyer explaining the importance of submitting 6 month review data