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There is a newly launched support area for SSNAP. 

If you visit you will find a new and extensive support area for SSNAP, with clearer, updated and more accessible guides. This area is easily accessible via the 'Support' button in the bottom right of the screen across the webtool. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact 


Please select ‘New SSNAP users’ from the left hand menu to access support and resources to help you get started on SSNAP.
If you already have a SSNAP account then please log-in to access the full range of support and resources including; audit FAQs, help notes, user guides and DIY analysis tools. If you have any queries the SSNAP helpdesk will be happy to assist.
Telephone: 020 3075 1318 or 020 3075 1383
Ready? Steady? SSNAP!