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SSNAP Collaboration

The SSNAP programme would like to formally thank the many hundreds of individuals and organisations participating in SSNAP, without whose efforts SSNAP would not be possible. On behalf of everyone who has contributed, we thank the clinical leads at each participating site involved in coordinating the data collection, who collectively make up The SSNAP Collaboration and whose names are provided here.

Important: To remain on the SSNAP collaboration list NIHSS at arrival must be fully completed for at least 80.0% of patients and NIHSS 24 hours after thrombolysis must be completed for 90.0% of thrombolysed patients. As the number of patients thrombolysed can be low, teams that completed the NIHSS at 24 hours after thrombolysis for less than 90.0% of thrombolysed patients but for which the number of records with missing NIHSS after 24 hours is less than 5 will remain on the list. Once a team submits sufficient NIHSS data they will be re-included on the SSNAP collaboration list.

The SSNAP Collaboration

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