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Published papers from 2020

Delivery, dose, outcomes and resource use of stroke therapy: the SSNAPIEST observational study

Gittins, M; Lugo-Palacios, D; Vail, A; Bowen, A; Paley, L; Bray, B; Gannon, B; and Tyson, S

How do patients pass through stroke services? Identifying stroke care pathways using national audit data

Gittins, M; Lugo-Palacios, D G; Paley, L; Bray, B; Bowen, A; Vail, A; Gannon, B; Tyson, S

Prevalence of aphasia and dysarthria among inpatient stroke survivors: describing the population, therapy provision and outcomes on discharge

Mitchell, C; Gittins, M; Tyson, S; Vail, A; Conroy, P; Paley, L; and Bowen, A

Effectiveness of Stroke Early Supported Discharge

Fisher, RJ; Byrne, A; Chouliara, N; Lewis, S; Paley, L; Hoffman, A; Rudd, A; Robinson, T; Langhorne, P; and Walker, MF

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