National Results - Organisational


Full Results Portfolio

Shows hospital level results for every data item benchmarked against the national average #ssnaporg.

Easy Access Version

For stroke survivors and carers this Easy Access Version (EAV) shows national key findings based on 6 domains of stroke service organisation.


Provides visualisations of the SSNAP acute organisational audit 2014 results allowing you to look at your results against national figures. #SSNAPorg

National report

Provides national results for the Acute Organisational Audit. Includes national performance against 10 key indicators and many important aspects of acute stroke service organisation, clinical commentary, changes over time and country comparisons #SSNAPorg


Provides a concise one page visualisation of the key findings from the 2016 acute organisational audit. Results are based on service organisation as of 1 July 2016 #ssnaporg.

Easy Access Version Infographic

Specifically for stroke survivors and carers, this infographic provides a concise, easy to read visualisation of the 2016 acute organisational audit results #ssnaporg.