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National Results - Clinical


Summary Report

Shows key indicator results, domain scores & levels, & ‘SSNAP Level’ after case ascertainment & audit compliance adjustments. #SSNAPSummary

Results Portfolio

Detailed spreadsheet providing results for all teams for all measures collected in SSNAP. #SSNAPportfolio

Performance Tables

The colour-coded tables show the levels achieved by every team for each domain and overall. #SSNAPPerformanceTables

Public Report

Provides national picture of stroke care for latest quarter, including maps, graphs, clinical commentary and context. #SSNAPPublicReport

Easy Access Version Report

For stroke survivors and carers this Easy Access Version (EAV) shows national key findings using maps and summary text.

CCG/LHB Results

Portfolio showing population-based results for every CCG/LHB for CCG OIS measures and all SSNAP key indicators. #SSNAPCCGresults

CCG/LHB Public Report

Provides national picture of stroke care at population-based level showing quarterly and annual level changes over time for every CCG OIS measure and all SSNAP key indicators