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National Results - Clinical


Summary Report

Shows key indicator results, domain scores & levels, & ‘SSNAP Level’ after case ascertainment & audit compliance adjustments. #SSNAPSummary

Results Portfolio

Detailed spreadsheet providing results for all teams for all measures collected in SSNAP. #SSNAPportfolio

Performance Tables

The colour-coded tables show the levels achieved by every team for each domain and overall. #SSNAPPerformanceTables

Public Report

Provides national picture of stroke care for latest quarter, including maps, graphs, clinical commentary and context. #SSNAPPublicReport

Easy Access Version Report

For stroke survivors and carers this Easy Access Version (EAV) shows national key findings using maps and summary text.

Stroke care in England (NHS marker)

Explains in more detail the stroke care in England (NHS marker) information and data available on MyNHS. Shows team centered SSNAP level, case ascertainment and audit compliance, and domain scores.

CCG/LHB Results

Portfolio showing population-based results for every CCG/LHB for CCG OIS measures and all SSNAP key indicators. #SSNAPCCGresults

CCG/LHB Public Report

Provides national picture of stroke care at population-based level showing quarterly and annual level changes over time for every CCG OIS measure and all SSNAP key indicators