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SSNAP Results Portal

This is the SSNAP results portal. Here you will find results for the clinical, organisational, and post-acute organisational audit. The SSNAP clinical audit measures the processes of care provided to stroke patients and results are disseminated each reporting period. The SSNAP Organisational Audit reports biennially. 

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For national clinical audit results, follow the below link

If you have any questions please contact the SSNAP helpdesk on or call 0116 464 9901

Clinical Audit

The SSNAP Clinical Audit is continuous, longitudinal audit which measures the processes of care provided to stroke patients in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland up to 6 months post stroke admission. SSNAP reports on a quarterly basis so that timely information on stroke care is made available for clinicians, commissioners, patients and the public. Over 90% of expected stroke cases are now submitted to SSNAP making the results disseminated are meaningful and robust. The Clinical Audit results are presented using innovative reporting techniques so that results are easily accessible and can be used to drive improvements to stroke services.

Acute Organisational Audit

In June 2014 the stroke programme launched the biennial SSNAP Organisational Audit. This is a snapshot audit that measures the structure of stroke services in acute hospitals. 100% of sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland participating in the audit and results were published in December 2014.

Post-Acute Audit

Because so little is known about the organisation and structure of care received by stroke survivors after discharge from specialist acute inpatient services, for the first time SSNAP is attempting to understand this by carrying out a post-acute organisational audit. This audit is taking place in two parts, the first obtaining information from commissioning organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on what post-acute stroke service they commission and the second approaching those identified services for organisational information on the make-up for their team. The post-acute organisational audit commenced in November 2014 and will continue throughout 2015.

page last updated on 08/06/2015

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