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The Third SSNAP Annual Report

Patient Quotes included in the report

Experience of a stroke

“Everything went into slow motion, I could not speak, I fell down to the floor. I remember my husband saying “she’s had a stroke ring the ambulance”. I woke up in a ward, I couldn’t walk.”
Linda, age 70 

Therapy Provision

“With all the therapy, the exercises were clear. I knew we were making progress, they were keeping an eye on things. They (therapists), all talked to each other, they knew what we were doing with the others, it all happened together”
David, age 62

Provision of physiotherapy

“I finished physio but I felt after a while that I should try again. I got in touch and they gave me more therapy, she was really good and my walking and balance have improved”
Janet, age 60

Rehabilitation after stroke

“I thought that I would be speaking again after a short while. I just wanted to get home, I thought it would all be OK”
David, age 57

Rehabilitation in the community

“There has not been much since therapy has finished. You feel you have just got to learn to get on with it on your own”.
Harold, age 78

Psychology Support

“The effects were more psychological than physical. I would like more psychology support now; I didn’t get any at the time.”

Life after stroke

“It was all busy with everyone coming so often. Then it finished, we were expecting it. Then you are on your own, it is scary. But you realise then that you have got to get on with it together”
Ruth, 81

6 month assessments

“I didn’t get a six month assessment, but that would be something to look back at, for a mental boost or an incentive”
Hilary, 60

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