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Audit methodology

Developing composite quality measures for stroke care in England

Lizz Paley, Benjamin Bray, Alex Hoffman

Producing a patient accessible report on stroke care

Rachel Otago, Mark Kavanagh, Lizz Paley

Contextualising National Results within a Public Report on Stroke Care

A Argyrides, R Andrews, L Paley, A Hoffman

Developing a patient version of the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke

K Stanley, A Bowen, M James, G Young

Developing Real-Time Online Indicators for Stroke Care

G Dunn, M Kavanagh, L Paley, A Hoffman

Ensuring Robust Data Through High Case Ascertainment

G Dunn, M Kavanagh, L Paley, A Argyrides

Using Infographics to Report Stroke Data

R Andrews, L Paley, A Hoffman, M Kavanagh

Using New Forms of Media to Disseminate the 2016 RCP Guideline for Stroke

A Waite, M Kavanagh, K Stanley, A Hoffman

Driving quality improvement in stroke care across the entire patient pathway through innovative and powerful data visualisation

Emma Vestesson, Lizz Paley, Mark Kavanagh

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