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Lay summary: Where do stroke patients go after the first hospital?

This study aimed to map how patients pass through stroke services. SSNAP data from July 2013 – July 2015 (94,905 patients) were analysed.

3 overlapping ‘pathways’ were identified that accounted for 99% of the patients:
  1.        Direct discharge (44% of patients). These patients were discharged directly from the hospital to their home or a care home.
  2.        Community rehabilitation (47% of patients).  These patients were discharged from the hospital and given community-based rehabilitation.
  3.        Inpatient transfer (19% of patients). These patients were transferred from one hospital to another hospital team for rehabilitation
  4.        [ Community rehabilitation & inpatient transfer (12% of patients) ]
Patients with the mildest and most severe strokes were more likely to follow the direct discharge pathway. Patients perceived to need most therapy were more likely to follow the inpatient transfer pathway. Costs were lowest and the number of deaths was highest for patients on the direct discharge pathway. Costs were highest and outcomes were best for patients on the community rehabilitation pathway. This research is useful for developing and planning clinical services for stroke patients.

About the paper:
Paper title: 'How do patients pass through stroke services? Identifying stroke care pathways using national audit data.'
Year published: 2020
Authors: Matthew Gittins, David G Lugo-Palacios, Lizz Paley, Benjamin Bray, Audrey Bowen, Andy Vail, Brenda Gannon, Sarah Tyson.

View the full paper here.
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