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Research using SSNAP data

Stroke teams from England, Wales, and Northern Ireland can use SSNAP data and reports to improve stroke care. This article will highlight a further use of SSNAP data - stroke care research.

SSNAP data allows researchers to investigate:
  • stroke patient demographics.
  • which factors are affecting the care being provided to stroke patients.
  • how stroke care services are structured in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
Research using SSNAP data can have a valuable impact on stroke care, both nationally and internationally.


In the main research section of the SSNAP website you can find:


Plain English summaries

A plain English summary is a brief summary of a research project that explains the project for people who do not have prior knowledge about the subject. Plain English summaries are written in plain English. This means that complex scientific language is not used. 

SSNAP have produced plain English summaries for research projects that use SSNAP data.
Research project topics include: 
  • the quality of stroke care
  • how stroke care is delivered
  • the structure of stroke care services
  • the cost of stroke care (health economics).
Click here for a list of plain English summaries of SSNAP research


Protecting patient data

Research into stroke care is important as it provides the evidence for standards and guidelines. Standards and guidelines improve quality of care for stroke patients. Our aim is for data to be widely used to improve quality of care for people with stroke. SSNAP only provide aggregate data and anonymous patient-level data for research because it is essential that the anonymity of the people included in the database is protected and that the data included on SSNAP are used in an ethical way. For more information about how researchers can request data and the types of data available, please visit our data request page.

Thank you to teams who contribute to SSNAP

On behalf of everyone who has contributed, we thank the Clinical Leads at each participating site involved in coordinating SSNAP data collection, who collectively make up the SSNAP Collaboration and whose names are provided here.

More information about stroke research

For more information about stroke research, check out the links below:  
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