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Patients, Carers, & Public - Reports and results

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What reports does SSNAP produce?

SSNAP produces reports for:

  • hospitals
  • community stroke care teams
  • the Department of Health
  • the NHS
  • the general public
  • stroke survivors and their carers. 
SSNAP reports highlight the areas where hospitals and community stroke care teams are doing well and where they need to improve. 

SSNAP aim to send reports back to teams within 6 weeks of data being submitted. This allows teams to see how they are performing in real time.

Click here for the list of reports and outputs that SSNAP produce.
Click here for more detailed descriptions of each of SSNAP’s reports and outputs.
Click here for information about how SSNAP report on the number of stroke patient deaths (mortality results).

How often does SSNAP produce reports?

Click here to see how often SSNAP outputs are released (reporting output frequency table).
Click here to view SSNAP's upcoming data collection and reporting schedule.

How do I access SSNAP reports?

Click here to download our guide on how to navigate SSNAP's full results section.
Click here for quick links to SSNAP Annual Reports and Organisational Audit Reports.
Click here for guidance on how to download SSNAP Easy Access Version Reports.

What is SSNAP scoring?

Click here for a list of the 10 standards of stroke care that SSNAP measure (the 10 SSNAP domains).
Click here for a full breakdown of how SSNAP calculate scores and key indicators (SSNAP Simplified Technical Guidance).
Click here for a brief introduction to SSNAP audit methodology and the language used in SSNAP reports.

Finding results about...

In hospital care

SSNAP collect information about the assessments and treatments that stroke patients receive in hospital after their stroke.
Click here for the full core dataset.
          Relevant SSNAP reports:
                    - National results portfolios (Excel spreadsheets)
                    - National Easy Access Version reports (EAVs)
                    - National quarterly infographics
            Click here for our guide on how to download these reports. 

After hospital care

SSNAP collect information about the types of support stroke patients have after they have left the hospital (e.g. community rehabilitation team support, support from carers, etc.). This data is collected by community teams. 

There are two types of community teams on SSNAP:
SSNAP also collect data from stroke patients’ 6 month follow up assessment. This helps SSNAP to understand how well people recover from stroke.
You can download our dataset for care in the community at the bottom of this article (dataset for ESD and community rehab teams).
          Relevant SSNAP reports:
                    - National results portfolios (Excel spreadsheets with tabs for ESD/CRT and 6-month assessment data.
                    - National Easy Access Version Reports (EAVs)
                    - National public infographics
                    - Regional ESD/CRT slideshows
           Click here for our guide on how to download these reports. 

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