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COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update

SSNAP update
SSNAP data collection will resume for records with a clock start from 15 August 2020. From this date, the minimum COVID-19 dataset will be closed to new admissions, and all records must be added onto the main SSNAP webtool ( A letter from SSNAP Clinical Director, Professor Martin James, is available here: SSNAP Update 200720

Interim reports

SSNAP will be reporting interim data during the COVID time period on a monthly basis. Listed below are the dates that we plan to take a download of data for analysis of the previous month's data.  We encourage teams that are able to enter data to enter and lock data by these dates for inclusion in analyses. We will also be producing quarterly reports and so any data entered after these deadlines will be included in future analyses. 

To view the interim reports for March/April, May and June, please go to: > Results > Clinical audit > National and selecting the appropriate drop-down.

August admissions, deadline: 18 September at 5pm

These deadlines are not compulsory and we will not be chasing teams to meet these deadlines, as we would typically with the routine data-locking deadlines. 

As always, the Helpdesk is open so please direct any questions to

Suspension of national audit data collection
We are aware of the immense pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic will place on stroke services in general and routine stroke data collection in particular. On the 2 April 2020, NHSE and the Welsh Government agreed the following stance:
All national clinical audit, confidential enquiries [commissioned / funded by NHSEI] and national joint registry data collection can be suspended. Analysis and preparation of current reports can continue at the discretion of the audit provider, where it does not impact front line clinical capacity. All audit data that can be collected during this pandemic will give insights into how Coronavirus has impacted in other areas such as:

  • elderly patients (hip fracture, dementia, heart failure)
  • those presenting for emergency laparotomy
  • those with cancer and diabetes to name but a few

Child death database, PICANET and MBRRACE-UK perinatal surveillance will be required for current clinical management and should continue. You can refer to the full letter from HQIP online here

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