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COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update

We are aware of the immense pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic will place on stroke services in general and routine stroke data collection in particular. On the 2 April 2020, NHSE and the Welsh Government agreed the following stance:
All national clinical audit, confidential enquiries [commissioned / funded by NHSEI] and national joint registry data collection can be suspended. Analysis and preparation of current reports can continue at the discretion of the audit provider, where it does not impact front line clinical capacity. All audit data that can be collected during this pandemic will give insights into how Coronavirus has impacted in other areas such as:

  • elderly patients (hip fracture, dementia, heart failure)
  • those presenting for emergency laparotomy
  • those with cancer and diabetes to name but a few

Child death database, PICANET and MBRRACE-UK perinatal surveillance will be required for current clinical management and should continue. You can refer to the full letter from HQIP online here

In the meantime, if you are able to continue to complete the January-March dataset, particularly by not delaying the uploading of data towards the data deadline for the quarter, which is 4 May, then please do.  However we understand that you may not be able to. Also we understand that you may not be able to enter/upload all of the data but the webtool remains open and it is there for you to enter as much data as you can or as much as is possible.

As always, the Helpdesk is open so please direct any questions to

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