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The Fourth SSNAP Annual Report

Further Information

Easy Access Version Reports (EAVs): SSNAP produces regional easy access version (EAV) reports every four months for stroke survivors, carers, and people with aphasia. These reports enable readers to ascertain the level of stroke services provided by hospitals in their area in specific aspects of stroke care, and monitor how the levels of care provided to patients are changing over time. Go to: https://www.strokeaudit.org/results/Clinical-audit/Regional-Results.aspx
Patient Version of the RCP Guideline for Stroke 2016: SSNAP also produce a patient version of the ‘National Clinical Guideline for Stroke’ (2016). This version is written for stroke survivors and their carers but is also useful for anyone who has an interest in stroke care and management. It gives information and advice on the care and treatment of adults after a stroke or TIA (mini stroke). It also has listings of organisations and support groups who can help stroke patients and their families or carers. Go to: https://www.strokeaudit.org/Guideline/Patient-Guideline.aspx 

Executive Summaries: These are ‘at a glance’ summaries of the stroke care provided by directly admitting hospitals over a period of two and a half years, from April 2014 – November 2016, highlighting areas of good, adequate and poor performance. Go to https://www.strokeaudit.org/results/Clinical-audit/Regional-Results.aspx for the Aug-Nov 2016 reporting period and select the relevant region from the drop down menu.

Full Results Portfolio: This is a detailed spreadsheet providing results for all teams for all measures collected in SSNAP. It allows readers to ‘drill down’ further into the data and investigate specific items of interest. https://www.strokeaudit.org/results/Clinical-audit/National-Results.aspx 
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